Discover with your eyes & mind

Imagine interacting with a virtual environment, engaging in real-life scenarios where you can be challenged, explore new points of view, and learn by doing. Imagine immersing yourself in the question and discovering the solution on an instructor-guided journey. Imagine harnessing the power of virtual reality to help learners experience, engage and be inspired beyond the limitations of traditional learning methods.

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Create A Digital Environment For Learning

Plug into the ultimate immersive course design program. Its unique, intelligent design allows clients to generate immersive situational simulations using 360° images and videos for use on a variety of platforms—including desktop browsers, mobile devices and virtual reality (VR) headsets. Enable and create possibilities for critical thinking and true problem solving.

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Bring Instructional Design To Life

Our powerful, feature-rich program brings your course design to life in the virtual reality space. Through engaging and intuitive interactions, learners can explore and participate in a captivating and innovative 360° virtual environment designed to expand their vision and promote learning, impact, and retention.

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Develop With Speed and Ease

Getting started is simple. Use any 360° camera or existing 3D video:

  1. Record your environment.
  2. Upload footage into CenarioVR.
  3. Edit content and create interactivity using CenarioVR built-in editor.
  4. Publish to your desired platform.
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Make It Impactful

CenarioVR is feature-rich, allowing clients to design courses that go beyond a simple visual tour. Promote learning and participation in virtual reality using:

  1. Text – Use text to develop core competencies, explain concepts and motivate learning.
  2. Hotspots – Create interactive mouse-over- or gaze-points, leading users to explore the environment or provide specific training on featured areas.
  3. 2D Images/Graphics – Highlight key concepts, enlarge environment details, provide visual detail.
  4. 2D Video – Add video to personalize the learning experience.
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Drive Learning With Hotspots

Help your users get more out of the course with hotspots. Learners can select hotspots using the mouse (desktop browser) or by looking directly at the hotspot in VR. Hotspots can be used to:

  1. Link scenes
  2. Play audio and video content
  3. Display questions and additional information
  4. Pause, play and jump to other time points in the scene
  5. And much more!
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Deliver Anywhere

CenarioVR fits seamlessly into the delivery system you already have in place. Course designers can publish learning programs via:

  1. Lectora®
  2. HTML
  3. xAPI
  4. Android/iOS apps
  5. cmi5

Analyze and Measure Results

Imagine being able to generate and review metrics about your eLearning strategy quickly and efficiently, immediately evaluate the impact of training and development, and tie those results to corporate outcomes and performance.

CenarioVR's built-in tracking helps you stay on top of user performance, student activity, and ultimately improve course effectiveness and results. With analytics, clients can evaluate student progress, levels of participation, points of interest, potential problem areas, and more...

Immersive Learning

What if learning could be a meaningful experience? What if training could be exciting and effective? What if students had access to hands-on learning in an immersive, virtual reality environment that was easy to build and deliver?